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Often times prospects and clients are amazed at how many things we do, and usually how many things they are unaware that we’re doing. In order to provide a comprehensive list, we created this page for all prospects, clients, media enthusiasts, publishers, etc. to learn more about the various content that we create and believe in. Whether it’s blog posts, video series, etc. we hope that you will subscribe, sign up, and follow us for daily updates, news, and content that reflects the media publishing industry.




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Similar to our clients, we understand that content is important. That’s why we work hard to create weekly blog posts that range in a variety of topics. Whether you’re getting to know about one of our team members in our successful Aysling Team Spotlight series, industry news, or advice on how to increase your publication’s efficiency and profits, MagHub’s blog is a place you will want to be. We recommend clicking the little rhino (Juggsy) in the bottom left-hand corner and selecting Subscribe, as you’ll receive blog updates directly to your browser, without the need of email! However, if you want a monthly newsletter, fill out the Subscribe To Our Newsletter form on the right hand side of our blog.

MagHub Monday Video Series

For Sales Executives who are looking for CRM best practices and advice.

Are you a media publishing sales professional? What do you tend to spend your Monday mornings doing? Getting a cup of coffee? Responding to weekend emails? Instead, join MagHub Director of Sales, Nick Pataro, as he spends a few minutes each Monday with you, providing advice, best practices, and updates on our CRM in this weekly video series.

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Do you have LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Do you use Google? If you answered yes to any of those questions (which we’re pretty sure 99.9% of everyone reading this will); then we recommend following our social media channels for company updates, blog posts, various software updates, and other news. Do you know we post every single day? Whether it’s a weekend or a holiday, we are consistently sharing updates, and we want to make sure you see them. Click the links below to start following MagHub on all of your favorite social media channels.

MagHub Help Center

For current MagHub clients only.

You’ve probably visited the MagHub Help Center from time to time (it’s the little ? button in the right hand corner); however, when is the last time you’ve browsed through it? Did you know that our team adds and updates content in the MagHub Help Center nearly every day? For example, were you aware that you could sign up for the ‘Learn to MagHub’ webinar series (found in the Webinars and Videos section) for absolutely free, and join the daily webinars that were created by various members of our team, focusing on each department? Or how about the fact we offer a Video MagHub University that follows the same agenda as our three day in-person MagHub University, valued at over $500? The MagHub Help Center is reserved for MagHub Clients only and will require you to sign in.

Premier Guitar Case Study

Over the years, Premier Guitar has been an active user of MagHub, tuning their system with custom development projects to make the system their own. Learn about one of them today.

Never Stranded With MagHub

There loads of perks when using MagHub. Read our entertaining and quick whitepaper today to learn just a few of them!

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Want to see MagHub in action? Or perhaps you just want more information. Whatever you you’re looking for, we’re here to help you. Click the button to request more information about MagHub, the only ERP for Media Publishers.