World Class CRM

With an intuitive CRM, ad sales teams have everything they need to be effective on day one. Integrations with Google Suite, Outlook, Hubspot, Mailchimp, VOIP phone systems, and more help to create a toolkit that enables sales team success. 

“Ease of use and adaptability are the core strengths of the Maghub system. The system is designed to cover nearly all of the needs of a modern publishing company from order tracking, CRM, Sales functionality, and a full accounting suite.”

– Luke V. Digital Strategist 

World Class Integrations For A World Class CRM

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Flexible Advertising Ordering

Ads come in all shapes and sizes. Manage them all in MagHub’s flexible booking software that supports multiple types, channels, brands, sizes, discounts, positions, and more in a streamlined fashion.

Learn about some of the many products and services that you can manage with MagHub’s Order Management System.

Order Management

Order Flexibility For All Products and Services

Print Advertising

Website Advertising

Newsletter Advertising

Event Sponsorships

Social Media Promotions

Programmatic Campaigns

Sponsored Content / Advertorial

And More!


Layout Software

(with Adobe InDesign)

Experience Bi-Directional Adobe InDesign integration with MagHub’s production and flatplanning modules. 

Receive advertiser submitted assets through a white label client portal enabling semi-automated Ad Trafficking and Production workflows.

Adobe InDesign & MagHub

Experience MagHub

Check out this short video demo as we walk you through the MagHub platform.

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