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Event Management

Book Sponsors
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You might not know it, but that third party system you’re using to manage events is killing your team’s productivity. With Salespeople constantly asking what sponsorships are available and your events team managing a dozen spreadsheets, you know what we’re talking about.  

With MagHub’s affordable Event Management Module, you can integrate the sponsorship inventory and sales ordering processes into a single interface. Create fewer distractions and see a full picture of your events in a single solution.  

Sell Tickets

Do your events require attendees to purchase tickets? We thought so. Sell tickets online through a storefront or through a salesperson’s integrated order form with MagHub’s event module.

Want to see a live example of the storefront? Click on the button below to check out ours; where we sell event tickets, physical goods, and services.

Order Management

Manage E-Newsletters

Sending reminders to attendees about your events?

Need to send an FYI to the sponsors about a new protocol?  

MagHub’s Email Campaign function provides the list building and email sending services you need to keep your sponsors and attendees in the loop at all times.  

Experience MagHub

Check out this short video demo as we walk you through the MagHub platform.

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