Sales Management

Losing a sale can be pretty depressing, especially if it is due to lack of momentum and inefficiency. MagHub is an efficient sales pipeline that empowers sales reps and managers to keep prospects moving towards a sale. From the first email to order approval, MagHub handles it all. MagHub has everything you would expect in a sales pipeline, but suited specifically for those in the publishing industry. Not only that, but we make it fun and competitive through gamification and sales contests.

Sales Management Features

  • Generate call lists from contact behavior (opened/clicked email)
  • Make to-do lists with priority levels
  • Create detailed opportunities and forecasts
  • Program confidence levels based on activities & pipeline status
  • Create quick orders for ads or service items

Learn how to increase your sales effectiveness and revenue with MagHub.

CRM Image

MagHub features an advertising sales CRM, subscription manager, flatplanning system, and so much more.