In the ever changing digital landscape, having accurate information is critical for business decisions. MagHub reduces anxiety by allowing administration and finance to view forecasts in real time right in their dashboard. You can know exactly how the company is doing by getting detailed information on sales opportunities, income, expenses, production, distribution, and more. MagHub will help you manage your data and provide you with a vast amount of reports and functionality, with the added resource of the Data Warehouse and the MagHub / Metabase integration.

Report Features

  • View your reports in real time
  • Create detailed sales forecasts
  • Generate financial summaries
  • Create production reports
  • Keep track of sales rep performance and activities
  • Filter with custom reporting fields
  • Build custom reports with your Data Warehouse
  • Export reports to .pdf or .csv

Your data is only as good as the system allows, with MagHub there are no limits what you can do with your data.


CRM Image

MagHub features an advertising sales CRM, subscription manager, flatplanning system, and so much more.