Advertising CRM

Keeping track of contacts and companies can be overwhelming. MagHub is more than just a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool. However, it began as one, and was created to help you strengthen your relationships with your advertisers and clients. MagHub reduces the stress of keeping up, by securing information on all of your contacts and companies whether they are clients, partners, personnel, vendors, or subscribers. MagHub will remind you of when there hasn’t been activity on accounts, as well as give you the ability to quickly find the best contact for a company. With MagHub, all of your contact and company information and activities are safely located in one place.

Advertising CRM Features

  • Create and manage your contacts and companies
  • Generate custom fields
  • Create and set account activity reminders
  • Bulk import and update contacts
  • Create and save contact and company lists
  • Add and view your contacts and companies from the mobile app
  • Send direct emails from MagHub and receive notifications on contact behavior
  • Make and record calls directly from the contact record with Twilio

Find out why MagHub is the ultimate magazine manager.

MagHub features an advertising sales CRM, subscription manager, flatplanning system, and so much more.