Gardner Business Media

Supporting Sales with MagHub

While Bill Caldwell of Gardner Business Media spends most of his time in advertising operations and production, when he helps the sales team, good things happen.

We started simple by taking our media kit and building it into the proposal template allowing our sales team to tell a story without being with them in person. A lot of our sales guys have struggled with sending large attachments via email. Doing this within the proposal builder eliminates that block. You’re basically sending them a link to the client center to view this 10, 20, or 30 page document.”

Bill and the team at Gardner have been using MagHub since 2017 and to this day, continue to find and use additional modules to help streamline their business. The Proposal Module gives a sales team the ability to beautifully present advertising and sponsorship campaigns for their clients that automatically ties into the Order Management System (OMS). With digital signatures included, pitching, and selling has never been easier. 

MagHub features an advertising sales CRM, subscription manager, flatplanning system, and so much more.