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Gardner Business Media Supports Their B2B Sales Efforts with the Further Adoption of MagHub

While Bill Caldwell of Gardner business Media spends most of his time in advertising operations and production, when he helps the sales team, good things happen. Bill and the team at Gardner have been using MagHub since 2017 and to this day, continue to find and use additional modules to help streamline their business.

Bill Caldwell – Advertising & Production Director at Gardner Business Media

MetroCorp Logo

MetroCorp Media Sees Increased Revenue Accuracy with MagHub’s Forecasting Module

“We have a lot of reps who, by category, tend to sell the same things into the same issue and to show them how easy it would be to just click and add rather than to have to spend tons of time adding each thing individually. That was really a lightbulb moment.”

Diane Schwartz – Director of Operations at MetroCorp Media

Palm Beach Media Group

Palm Beach Media Group Increases Growth Without the Headcount with MagHub

Todd Schmidt, COO at Palm Beach Media Group shares his experience switching over to MagHub, how the software is helping enable growth without increasing headcount, and ways his team is using the Client Portal to provider a better experience for advertisers. 

Todd Schmidt – Chief Operating Officer at Palm Beach Media Group

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Rodman Media’s Approach to Onboarding and Adopting MagHub

James Zilenziger leads the Operations team at Rodman Media. In this short Case Study, he shares his experience coming onboard with MagHub and how he and the team have organically grown into MagHub’s vast feature set over time.

James Zilenziger – Digital Marketing and Operations Manager at Rodman Media

In-Touch With Publishers

With thousands of users located across the globe, MagHub supports thousands of print and digital publications from B2B Industry Trade magazines to B2C Niche, City and Regional, and Parenting magazines. With 4.5+ stars out of 5 on Capterra, MagHub’s dedicated support, frequent updates and integrations, and  countless years of publishing and printing experience within the Fry Family Network™ has led to years of positive NPS (Net Promoter Score) reviews from our users. Take a look at what your peers are saying about our product, within MagHub. 

Live NPS Updates

Exceptional program.

Great on going training and service.

It helps us do everything we need to do in our business in one place!

I have been using Maghub for nearly 4 years now and functionality, level of customer support and consistent upgrades are by far the best CRM experience I have had in nearly 20 years of sales.

easy to use

easy to navigate and get reports and enter info

Software is easy to manage in terms of all aspects of our business plus the customer service is top notch.

everything is great and you are always working to improve and evolve the platform

User friendly. Well organized.

It’s what keeps me happy, easy to use. Great !!

I’ve worked with lots of different advertising systems in the past and I feel that Maghub is one of the most straightforward and easy to use.

MagHub is very user friendly, especially in comparison to our old order enter system. The interface looks like it’s not 1999, and it even has just-for-fun features like “party mode”. What’s not to love? Especially when you’re selling!!

This software allows us to work efficiently, keep on schedule and provides data at a few clicks that is important to run our business. The users like using it, which makes it that much more usable. Good data in…good data out!

Very user friendly and easy to manage.

Two Thumbs Up!

Great page map tools and I like the project tools.

Super clean, easy to use, intuitive, all my info in one hotspot! 🙂

Way better than others I have used!

MagHub stops the randomness of the sales process. MagHub co-ordinates all the processes of a publisher in one, easy to use system at an economical price.

Because it works great and the service is excellent!

very in depth CRM

Easy to use and very user-friendly.

I have used this system with such joy. Coming from an outdated, way too complicated Salesfor-something or other, Its been a pleasure and a relief to use MagHub!!!

Love the ease on looking up clients and their information. This CRM program was built for people who work in sales. What data you put in….is data you can retrieve. Reports are easily at hand. Love the support that the MagHub team offers.

Maghub makes it easy for me to keep organized, focus on weekly priorities and submit new business contract/orders.

it just makes my job so much easier! it keeps me organized and I know exactly what is happenning with each client plus can continue where I left off and be on top of all my work! love the program and do not understand how I have done it without it!

It has connected all our departments in a way we’ve never been before. The paper trail for production before MagHub was very lengthy, now there isn’t one at all.

MagHub is very user-friendly, appealing, seamless, bountiful in operations and functions, efficient and an excellent business management system for reporting and record-keeping. I highly recommend this application!

As a new user, I occasionally get stuck and need help. Within minutes I have a MagHub pro walking me through my challenge with the exact steps I need to take. Problems are quickly solved!

This is a much better platform to work with than Magazine Manager.

Exactly what a publisher needs to help run his/her business and be more efficient.


“Honestly, I love everything about this software.”

Kristi C.

I was on the fence with Maghub vs. their so called competitor, The Magazine Manager. I regret that I went with the competitor at the time. Two years later and incredibly frustrated with their competitor I called Maghub. From start to finish, MagHub were true professionals and truly cared about my business and how the transition would work.

Amy C.

“Excellent Customer Service”

Amy C.
Marketing Director

We love being able to track our sales issue to issue. We have definitely benefitted from having MagHub because more of our tasks can be automated through MagHub than with our old software. We love having a Client Center portal, even though it’s been a challenge to get all of our customers to use it. The ones that do use it love it, and it most definitely makes our job easier when they do!

James Z.

“MagHub = 5 Stars”

James Z.
Digital Production Manager

We switched to MagHub at the end of 2016 and found it to be the best option for managing our clients, ads and running in depth reports into our data. Like most new customers, there were some kinks we needed worked out here and there and the MagHub team was very responsive and found solutions to our needs. Overall the ease of use as well as the customization of the software has been very important to us.

Phil L.

“MagHub – Great CRM solution for publishers”

Phil L.
Chief Technology Officer

MagHub’s service and support through the transition from our CRM to their platform was great. They continue to be responsive to our needs and are consistently bringing new features to their product on a monthly basis. The input from their user community is a big consideration in determining the enhancement schedule. An added plus for us with MagHub is the availability of their Data Warehouse which has opened the door to integration with other 3rd party tools.

Tim O.

“MagHub is Marvellous”

Tim O.

MagHub is a superior tool for publishers because it’s designed to be used by publishers for exactly what they need to accomplish. MagHub allows me to capitalize on opportunities and stay on top of my brand. At my previous company, we used a San Francisco based software company, requiring a lot of manipulation and extra cost to make it work for us. Bottom-line, MagHub is the perfect fit for publishers and their entire team.

Sandra C.

“Easy to use for my client base”

Grace C.
Founder/Professional Copywriter

I work for clients who use this software, and request that I use it also for their management system. I love it. It makes it really quick to see where we have sold and utilized ad space, and we can quickly rearrange advertisements without wasting time. It also allows me to see our vendors and see when a member of our team last reached out to them (this is useful for our rule which is to make contact with each one approximately every 30 days). The Notes feature is my favorite, as I often want to keep track of things as I am on the phone with a client.

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